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Mid West Development Commision
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Mid West Investment Plan

The Mid West Investment Plan (MWIP) was developed by the Mid West Development Commission in collaboration with the Department of Regional Development (DRD) following  extensive consultation with key community and government stakeholders over a 12 months period. The MWIP outlines the region’s strategic infrastructure priorities for enabling economic and social development.

The MWIP will guide the spending of $220 million in Royalties for Regions funding over seven years - 2011/12 to 2017/18.  Projects funded will provide a substantial economic stimulus to the region and potentially generate employment opportunities for local businesses in the planning, construction and operational stages of the proposed projects/initiatives.

The objectives of the MWIP and subsequent investment in prioritised regional projects clearly link to Royalties for Regions objectives and policy.

In October 2012 the responsibility for the implementation of the Mid West Investment Plan was transferred from DRD to the Commission. Having one entity managing portfolio programs relating to the respective regions will provide better coordination, efficiencies and delivery across Government. The Commission Board is now responsible for recommending strategic projects for MWIP funding to the Minister and Cabinet as well as monitoring the delivery of funded projects.

Please see the links below for the MWIP documentation.

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MWIP Master List v1.5 16 May 2014


Successful MWIP projects

Projects announced for funding through the MWIP to date are listed below.

  1. Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory power station (Murchison): $10 million ($26.5 million project)
  2. Depot Hill Springs Crossing Upgrade (Mingenew): $0.64 million ($1.58 million project)
  3. Morawa Sportsground Facilities Redevelopment: $0.85 million ($2.587 million project)
  4. East Ogilvie Road Upgrade (Northampton): $1.2 million towards a $2.002 million project
  5. Morawa Aged Care Units: $0.33 million ($0.83 million project)
  6. Place Road/Flores Road Intersection Reconfiguration (Greater Geraldton): $2.815 million ($7.3 million project)
  7. Batavia Coast Marina stage 2 (Greater Geraldton): $3.86 million ($3.86 million project)
  8. Silver Chain Eneabba Refurbishment: $0.1 million ($0.35 million project)
  9. Geraldton Universities Centre: $3 million ($3 million project)
  10. Yalgoo Community Sports Hub: $0.286 million ($2.2 million project)
  11. Northampton Light Industrial Units: $0.661 million ($1.83 million project)
  12. Wubin Mullewa Road: $10.8 million ($21.6 million project)
  13. Meekatharra Wiluna Road: $10 million ($20 million project)
  14. Geraldton Airport Landside Development: $2.755 million ($2.755 million project)
  15. Building Better Regional Cities - Urban Expansion Package: $13.97 million ($28.97 million project)
  16. Original Railway Building Restoration: $1 million ($1.85 million project)
  17. Geraldton Residential College: $2 million ($2.6 million)
  18. Perenjori Early Childhood Centre: $600,000 ($2 million project)
  19. Ballinyoo Bridge Replacement (Murchison): $3.5 million ($5.5 million project)
  20. Carnamah & Eneabba Town Revitalisation Projects: $0.356 million ($0.712  million project)
  21. Pioneer Lodge Communal Activity Rooms and Roof Replacement (Northampton): $0.16 million ($0.353 million project)
  22. Morawa Town Centre Revitalisation: $2.536 million ($5.736 million project)
  23. Yalgoo Staff Housing: $0.36 million ($0.71 million project)
  24. Strategic Alignment Study - Dongara-Geraldton-Northampton: $1 million ($1.1 million project)
  25. Yuna Community Centre (Chapman Valley): $250,000 ($865,000 project)
  26. East Bowes Road (Chapman Valley): $600,000 ($723,000 project)


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