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Mid West Investment Plan

The Mid West Investment Plan (MWIP) was developed by the Mid West Development Commission in collaboration with the Department of Regional Development (DRD) following  extensive consultation with key community and government stakeholders over a 12 month period. The MWIP outlines the region’s strategic infrastructure priorities for enabling economic and social development.

The MWIP has guided the allocation of around $126 million in Royalties for Regions funding since 2011/12.  Projects funded have and are providing a substantial economic stimulus to the region and potentially generate employment opportunities for local businesses in the planning, construction and operational stages of the proposed projects/initiatives.

The objectives of the MWIP and subsequent investment in prioritised regional projects clearly link to Royalties for Regions objectives and policy.  The MWIP is available here for download.

The Commission Board has been responsible for recommending strategic projects for MWIP funding to the Minister and Cabinet as well as monitoring the delivery of funded projects.  Due to State Government budgetary constraints, there is no residual MWIP funding available to allocate to new projects.

For a full list of the projects funded through the MWIP click here.

Morawa Aged Care units

$0.33 million ($0.83 million project)

The construction of four specifically designed one bedroom aged care units on land vested to Morawa Community Care in the pre...
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Silver Chain Eneabba refurbishment

$0.1 million ($0.35 million project)

Reconstruction and refurbishment of the Silver Chain nursing post in Eneabba.

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Pioneer Lodge Communal Activity Rooms...

$0.16 million ($0.353 million project)

Roof replacement and addition of an activities room and enrivornmental enhacements on a community owned independent living u...
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Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory...

$10 million ($26.5 million project)

CSIRO and Horizon Power propose to jointly establish a world leading, sustainable, hybrid solar power station to support the...
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Northampton Light Industrial units

$0.661 million ($1.83 million project)

Subdivision of Lot 74, Seventh Avenue, Northampton into four industrial lots
(of between 2090m2 and 3060m2) and the co...
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Batavia Coast Marina stage 2 (Greater...

$3.86 million ($3.86 million project)

The Stage 2 Batavia Coast Marina (BCM2) project area is contaminated ex Westrail land. The BCM2 project involves the investigat...
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Geraldton Airport Landside Development

$2.755 million ($2.755 million project)

Headworks and upgrade of essential power and water supply infrastructure to the Geraldton Airport Terminals precinct to fac...
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Shire of Yalgoo Staff Housing

$0.36 million ($0.71 million project)

Construction of additional staff houses to facilitate the attraction and retention of appropriately qualified staff to the Sh...
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Kalbarri Skywalk and National Park In...

$20.032 million ($20.722 million project)

Kalbarri Skywalk and National Park Infrastructure – a significant project delivering major enhance...
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Beresford Foreshore Coastal Protectio...

$12.757 million ($23.125 million project)

This project will deliver a long term solution to an ongoing erosion problem which threatens critical infrastructure and ...
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LOT 601 Marine Terrace

$5.6 million ($5.875 million project)

Acquisition of Lot 601 in Geraldton's CBD (Marine Terrace) to enable its future development as a key asset that is connected and in...
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Geraldton Residential College

$2 million ($2.6 million)

The additional of 16 individual bedrooms to the female student wing and refurbishment of the remaining old dormitory (upgrading the stude...
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Geraldton Universities Centre Stage 2...

$3 million ($3 million project)

Construction of a two-block Stage 2 building to expand facilities and infrastructure at the Geraldton Universities Centre

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Perenjori Early Childhood Centre

$0.6 million ($2 million project)

The construction of an integrated and comprehensive multi purpose Parenting and Early Childhood Centre (PECC) adjacent to the ...
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Central Regional TAFE Student Service...

$2.0 million (Geraldton): ($3.0 million project)

Construction works to create an interactive student ‘Hub’ by linking existing student service areas with student ...
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Morawa Town Revitalisation

$2.536 million ($5.736 million project)

Realignment of Morawa's main heavy freight bypass and CBD enhancements, including creation of a new civic square for community activity a...
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Morawa Sportsground Facilities Redeve...

$0.85 million ($2.587 million project)

Major refurbishment of the Morawa Sportsground facilities including the upgrade of function and meeting area as well as c...
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Yalgoo Community Hub

$0.286 million ($2.2 million project)

Construction and fit out of the Shire of Yalgoo Community Hub covered sports facility, including multi-sport infrastructure, ...
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Original Railway Building Restoration

$1 million ($1.85 million project)

Restoration works to the Original Railway Station Building, the first government railway station in WA, to preserve this heritag...
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Carnamah & Eneabba Town Revitalisatio...

Carnamah & Eneabba Town Revitalisation Projects: $0.356 million ($0.712 million project)

This project is for revitalisation and enhancement works in the towns of...
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Yuna Community Centre (Chapman Valley...

$250,000 ($865,000 project)

Construction of a multipurpose community centre in Yuna that can be utilised by all community groups and facilitate the phasing out of ...
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Foodbank Geraldton Warehouse

$2.145 million ($3.29 million project)

Construction of a purpose built warehouse facility that will meet the growing demand for Foodbank’s services into the fut...
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Wonthella Oval Lighting

$0.59 million ($1.5 million project)

Installation of 500 lux flood lighting at the Wonthella Oval. Lighting the oval to this stan...
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Monsignor Hawes Interpretive Centre (...

$1.541 million ($7.119 million project)

The Monsignor Hawes story will continue to live on for all to experience with $1.541million Royalties for Regions investment for the Monsig...
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Horrocks Community Centre

$0.695 million ($1.509 million project)

Construction of a multipurpose community centre in the active community of Horrocks

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Geraldton Cemetery Board Capital Works

$1.362 million ($1.462 million project)

Construction of an onsite condolence lounge, a crematorium extension and a new cremator. These facilities will significantly bo...
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Ballinyoo Bridge, Carnarvon Mullewa R...

$3.5 million ($5.5 million project)

The project involves replacing the Ballinyoo Bridge with a similar structure to the existing single-lane bridge that was built ...
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East Bowes Road (Chapman Valley)

$0.6 million ($0.723 million project)

Upgrade works to the entire length of the East Bowes Road (SLK 0.00 – SLK 12.20) from a gravel surface to a 7.0 metre wide se...
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East Ogilvie Road Upgrade (Northampton)

$1.2 million towards a $2.002 million project

Upgrade of 10.5km’s being the section from SLK 6.7 to SLK 17.2 Section of the Ogilvie East Road, a significant grain ...
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Flores/Place Road Intersection Reconf...

$2.815 million ($7.3 million project)

Reconfiguration and construction of two unsignalled intersections to form a fourway intersection controlled with traffic sign...
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Goldfields Highway

$10 million ($20 million project)

Construct and seal selected sections of the Goldfields Highway between Wiluna and Meekatharra to provide safer passing opportunit...
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Wubin - Mullewa Road

$10.8 million ($21.6 million project)

Upgrading of the Wubin-Mullewa Road between Perenjori and Morawa from a single to double lane seal.
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Binnu West Road / White Cliffs Road

$2.592 million ($3.45 million project)

Funding is sought to upgrade two vital roads in the Shire of Northampton from gravel surfaces to 7.0 metre wide sealed surfa...
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Depot Hill Springs Crossing

Depot Hill Springs Crossing Upgrade (Mingenew): $0.64 million ($1.58 million project)

Works to elevate the crossing over the Irwin River on Depot Hill Road located wi...
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Building Better Regional Cities - Urb...

$13.97 million ($28.97 million project)

This project will provide a significant transformation in the development of Geraldton through the provision of infrastruct...
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Landor Road

$3 million ($5 million project)

Upgrade and seal of 21km of the Landor Road between Meekatharra and Carnarvon. This will improve sealed access from Meekatharra to Mount...
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Strategic Alignment Study: Dongara-Ge...

$1 million ($1.1 million project)

A series of studies to identify the preferred alignment of a new coastal highway route between Dongara and Northampton via Geraldton. ...
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