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Mid West to be showcased to investors

12 Nov 2016 9:43 PM - Be PITCH READY - ACT NOW!
Innovators and enterprises in the Mid West could be given the support they need to reach their full potential with the Greater Geraldton Investor Showcase.

The Investor Showcase was launched last week by Progress Mid West, in partnership with the City of Geraldton and the Mid West Development Commission.   The Showcase aims to help people in the Mid West acquire support from the local, state, national and international investment and innovation community.

Over the next four weeks, project partner will deliver an enterprise programme supporting youth projects, start-ups, high growth-ventures and public and private infrastructure projects. The aim is to help enterprises and start-ups refine their business models, hone their pitches and to be ready to present to investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in December.

For the first time, Geraldton will be hosting speakers and participants from the West Tech Fest, an innovation festival that is held in Perth each December.

There will be opportunity to hear from renowned global and Australian innovation leaders about their entrepreneurship products and journeys.

The West Tech Fest programme will also feature Groundswell Geraldton, generously supported by the US Embassy Canberra and US Consulate Perth.

A key focus of Groundswell will be on creating a platform for the Region’s next generation of entrepreneurs and future business leaders to participate in an exciting programme of events and networking opportunities.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said the Showcase could be extremely influential in launching new ventures in the Mid West region.

“We look forward to welcoming local, Australian and global investors, tech leaders and influencers to Geraldton, many for the first time,” he said.

“The Greater Geraldton Investment Showcase will be an opportunity to highlight the region’s potential for investment in some of its most exciting businesses, from early stage start-ups to high growth venture and development stage SMEs.”

Project Director Jason McFarlane said the Investment Showcase presents an incredible opportunity for local ventures to learn how to refine their business models and have the chance to present to investors they’d otherwise have difficulty accessing.

“The Greater Geraldton Investment Showcase presents an unprecedented opportunity for ventures from the region to access a whole range of investors and tech leaders with a variety of interests and backgrounds,” he said.

Participants to Geraldton will also gain a taste of the Midwest’s many offerings, with a tour of the region’s tourism highlights, including the Abrolhos Islands.

Leading US based venture capitalist Bill Tai, Co-founder of the West Tech Fest and MaiTai Global will also be attending.

“I’m really looking forward to participating in a new chapter of the West Tech Fest, connecting with Midwest innovators and entrepreneurs, to kiting in some of the best spots on the planet and to visiting the Abrolhos Islands,” Mr Tai said.

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