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New mobile phone towers a big win for the Mid West

- 12 new mobile phone towers for the Mid West

Yesterday’s announcement by Regional Development Minister Terry Redman for 78 new mobile phone towers throughout WA was perfect timing for the Mid West region.

The funding to construct 12 new towers in the Mid West makes strong inroads in the delivery of key enabling telecommunications infrastructure in the region, taking the total to 46 new mobile phone towers funded by Royalties for Regions in the Mid West.

Mid West Development Commission (MWDC) Chairman, Hon Murray Criddle said quality telecommunications infrastructure was fundamental to the successful future of the Mid West and essential to providing communities with the ability to leverage connectivity for a range of social and economic outcomes.

“The new sites will address mobile black spots in tourism areas, agricultural belts, remote communities and along major transport corridors that connect the Mid West to the Pilbara and the Wheatbelt”, Mr Criddle said.

“A 220km stretch of the Great Northern Highway between Wubin and Mount Magnet will receive five new towers, filling what was previously one of the longest gaps in mobile coverage along a major transport route in WA.

“That stretch of highway is vital to the State’s mining, agriculture, pastoral, tourism and logistics industries and reliable communications will help ensure that people living, working and travelling in our region can access key services taken for granted in more populated areas.”

CEO Gavin Treasure confirmed MWDC’s commitment to delivering digital and communications outcomes for the region.

“MWDC worked closely with the Department of Commerce to select the 12 new tower locations from amongst more than 150 Black Spot sites nominated by communities and residents throughout the Mid West”, Mr Treasure explained.

“Twelve new mobile phone tower sites is a terrific outcome for the region, but it’s only the beginning of what’s needed to make the Mid West globally-competitive.

“These sites, along with increased broadband capacity and new digital services planned for the Mid West through other projects will address increasing demands from agriculture, tourism, resources, transport and other industries.

“Mid West residents can rest assured that MWDC is working hard through its networks to deliver relevant regional outcomes through its (draft) Mid West Digital and Communications Strategy with diverse and innovative infrastructure and service solutions throughout the region.”

Fact File

New tower locations include Pindar, Irwin, Marchagee, Wongoondy Tardun Road, Mount Magnet South, Mount Gibson Highway, Mount Singleton, Narracoota, Paynes Find, Pullagaroo RT, Stakewell, and at Tenindewa Yuna Road.

Made possible by a $20 million co-contribution from the Liberal National Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

For more information, contact the Mid West Development Commission – (08) 9921 0702

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Media Contact: Murray Criddle – 0427 471 644