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Beresford Foreshore Coastal Protection and Enhancement

Total project investment

$23.125 million

Mid West Investment Plan funding

$12.757 million

This project will deliver a long term solution to an ongoing erosion problem which threatens critical infrastructure and liveability along the Beresford Foreshore area in Geraldton. Significant offshore work (breakwater and revetments) are complemented by an upgrade to land based community amenities. The foreshore, located north of the Batavia Coast Marina, is a critical component of the Geraldton waterfront and has been severely impacted by coastal erosion in recent years. The project involved off-shore works to mitigate erosion including a protective 100 metre breakwater extension to the detached breakwater, an extension to the existing groyne and three retaining structures. Amenity works on the foreshore include landscaping, barbecues, picnic settings, benches, bicycle racks, showers, play equipment, lighting, drinking fountains and shade structures.