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Aquaculture In the Mid West

With the region’s warm and clean waters and strong industry base, aquaculture has significant potential. There has been progress with species such as Yellowtail Kingfish, Mulloway, ornamental fish, coral and live rock as well as pearls, seahorses and octopus.


The Mid West has an ideal temperate climate and warm, clean waters supported by the Leeuwin current. In addition, the region has an extensive marine operations capability that includes significant infrastructure, services, expertise research, business and personnel to support eight years developing aquaculture and an Industry Development Model. This model is potentially a template for other projects of this kind, as well as for other industries, throughout the State. The model has demonstrated what can be achieved when focussed and collaborative teams from Industry and Government work together.


WTN Nominees Pty Ltd and Latitude Fisheries Pty Ltd, are companies associated with IOFA, and have an Aquaculture Licence authorising the use of an 800-hectare site in the Abrolhos Islands for finfish aquaculture.  Following a successful outcome to the yellowtail kingfish trial, the industry partners will likely seek the investment needed to develop a full commercial scale project at the site.