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Mid West Innovation Agenda

The Mid West Blueprint outlines ambitious aspirations that can only be achieve through growing a culture of innovation and investing in an ecosystem of programs, projects and initiatives. The vision of being ”a diverse and entrepreneurial business and export economy” and “the most desirable, adaptive and connected communities in Australia” requires development or introduction of new or significantly improved goods, services, processes, methods and organisations.

The Mid West is blessed with assets, organisations, strategies and stakeholders that are committed, to these aspirations and already demonstrating considerable levels of innovation. Still, for the Mid West to continue as a leader in this in innovation, strategic investments must be made in:

  • Growing innovation in our region, across all sectors, venture stages and ages,
  • Complementing the core economic focus on traded Clusters with investment in the broader Culture of innovation and delivering social, environmental and community outcomes,

  • Maturing the whole “ecosystem” of policies, services and soft infrastructure,

  • Ensuring investment in innovations aligns with Blueprint aspirations.