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Housing - ROPS Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs will be updated periodically dependent on the nature of ROPS enquiries submitted to the Commission.

Where possible, responses to FAQs will indicate where information can be found in the Registration of Proposed Solutions (ROPS) document, eg; 1. Introduction

Question: Will a proposal for an area outside of Geraldton be accepted?
The Commission is seeking proposed solutions for housing options in the City of Greater Geraldton (CGG) (1. Introduction - please refer to map).

Question: Is there funding available for the ROPS proposals from the State Government?
Answer: The Mid West Development Commission (the Commission) may seek funding from the State government for implementation of a preferred solution. No funding has yet been secured (1. Introduction).

Question: Will my submission guarantee an offer or formal request for proposal from the Commission?
Answer: This document in no way represents an offer or formal request for proposal. The process is designed to indicate market interest and proposed solutions. The next steps and delivery will evolve based on what is received and a future process will still be required (1. Introduction).

Question: Will the Commission accept proposals from a consortium or only individual organisations?
Answer: Submissions can be from individual organisations or under a consortium delivery arrangement (3. Purpose).

Question: What do I need to include in the ROPS?
Answer: Section 4. Commercial Framework and Section 5. Lodgement and Review Process clearly set out the expectations and requirements for submissions from respondents. 

Proposals should be submitted using the RETURNABLE SCHEDULES 1 – 6 attached to the ROPS document.