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Mid West pilot region

The Commission partnered with NACC NRM, DPIRD and three local governments (Greater Geraldton, Chapman Valley and Northampton) to develop its plan, to identify and guide actions to build the pilot areas’ resilience to future droughts, with a focus on agriculture and allied industries.

A detailed Drought Vulnerability Assessment (DVA) was undertaken to explore aspects of exposure, sensitivity, impact and adaptive capacity and how these affect vulnerability and resilience to drought in the region.

Developing the DVA involved regional organisations, local government, academic professionals, community, industry and other key drought stakeholders coming together to share and consolidate experience, scientific data, local knowledge and expertise.

With the added contribution of technical and project advisory groups, the DVA formed the foundation for the Plan.

The Commission has completed the Regional Drought Resilience Pilot Plan for the Northern Wheatbelt of the Mid West region. The Plan was reviewed by CSIRO on behalf of Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for consideration and implementation funding.