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Staff and Board members attend Pilbara Summit

Published on Thursday, 12 October 2023 at 8:00:00 AM

Commission staff and Board members attended the Pilbara Summit this week to look at the strategic development, investment opportunities and emerging industries driving economic growth in the region.

Key takeaways included;

  • The Pilbara’s economy is incredible in scale, however, it does not enjoy the diversity of the Mid West region!
  • Early engagement with Traditional Owners in the planning and development of any project is vital and they are keen to hear about how they can work together with companies to provide economic value back to their communities
  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage is being spoken about as a significant technology alongside the transition to renewables
  • Port facilities along the coast of WA will be vital in terms of opening up new industries, exporting renewables and importing the equipment required for fast-tracked development of our regions
  • Bravery and collaboration are required to make our net zero target a reality
  • Workforce, childcare and housing are key issues in the Pilbara, much as they are in our own region, and they will continue to be challenges as industries grow - a combined effort from industry, Government and community will be required to overcome these challenges.

Thanks to Jacoba Seccull from Pilbara Development Commission for facilitating a tour of Karratha and surrounds, and local Traditional Owners for the rock art tour and cultural experience at Murujuga National Park.

Well done to Informa on delivering this event - we're looking forward to being part of the Mid West Gascoyne Major Projects events in Perth on 16-17 April next year.

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